Herrell’s Ice Cream – Cambridge MA

26 06 2008

Opting to have dessert before dinner usually means less time spent waiting when it comes to getting our cone. While overfull buses and subway cars rumbled beneath Harvard Square, Herrell’s got us right to our cones… well almost. One server forgot to put the requested rainbow jimmies on Ivy’s Rocky Road, and I had to turn my Lemon Mousse ice cream back when it was offered to me in a cup.

Herrell’s is a small ice cream chain headquartered in Northampton. The store there is right in the heart of downtown in Thorn’s with another entrance whose big windows that seem to pull people into the shoppe. On the other hand, this Harvard Square location is tucked down an alley in a spot that you must either stumble upon, or know in advance just where it is. Considering it’s proximity to the T station, it is amazing the number of folks who don’t know that this place even exists here.

Herrell’s has great hours for those in the mood for a cone. They open early (10am) and during the summer they stay open until 1am during the weekends. Even in the dead of winter, you can score some ice cream if you make it there before midnight.

The Lemon Mousse ice cream made for an interesting taste sensation. Herrell’s calls it “ice cream, with lots of lemon juice in it, making for a ‘moussey’ type texture.” I think this is a bit inaccurate. The lemon flavor is appropriate, but the mousse-like blending never seems to happen. There are two different tastes and textures that collide in the mouth and it acts more like a creamsicle than a frozen mousse. I enjoyed eating the cone but it made me think of gelatos from the past that have found this balance and made lemon and cream sublime. This instead seemed like it just needed a popsicle stick and I could be getting it from an ice cream truck.

When I mentioned Herrell’s to a few folks this evening, many of them unprovokedly commented about the fact that the cone is more expensive here for a smaller volume of ice cream. I haven’t figured out how to determine the volume, because I don’t want to buy a cone just to watch it melt down in a measuring cup.

Next time I’m here, I’m working from the chocolate family.

For something extra, “Smoosh-Ins®” are actually a registered trademark of Herrell’s. You select any flavor of ice cream and any combination of up to three candies, nuts, or fruits, and they Smoosh® them together by hand right in front of you. For those that like their toppings, but wish they could be more integrated into the ice cream, this can be a lot of fun.

Cone – small $3.66 medium $4.28 large $5.00

Sundae – small $5.50 large $6.19

Milkshake $5.00 malt $5.20

Herrell’s Ice Cream

15 Dunster Street Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

Open year round

Sunday-Thursday, 10a-midnight. Friday and Saturday, 10a-1a





One response

1 07 2008

While Herrell’s ice cream is not cheap, they offer a $1 coupon off your next purchase with every purchase. So, if you are going to get ice cream for yourself it is totally worth it.

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