Christina’s Ice Cream – Cambridge MA

25 06 2008

This afternoon, Christina’s was actually quiet. There was no line stretching down the sidewalk, heck, our server waited on us to decide what kind of cones we were up for. I opted for black raspberry, Ivy got cookie dough, both only going for the single scoop small in a sugar cone. Only one other table was occupied so we were able to pick where we wanted to sit.*

Christina’s is a handmade ice cream, and there were 39 flavors available. They had 7 hard yogurt flavors and a few sorbets as well. The available flavors change seasonally.

The best thing that this shop has going for it is that it is connected with the spice shop next door. The flavors are very robust and simple. There may be nuts or chips, but most of the power is in the ice cream itself. With flavors like Cinnamon, Cardamom, Fresh Rose, or Lavender, it’s easy to see why there is no need for a marshmallow swirl or chocolate-coated sour gummiworms.

The black raspberry cone I ate was a bad order on my own part. The one thing that Christina’s doesn’t excel at is fruit. The flavor was a bit muted in the cream. A great black raspberry has a zest to it that has a finishing kick, this went down sweet and all that lingers is the sweetness, with none of the flavor of the actual fruit. Maybe I’m overreacting; this was a good creamy cone… I just wanted to change my order as soon as I was being handed my cone.

My favorite flavor here is the butter almond. It has a deep rich almond flavor with lots of nuts in the mix (often whole almonds) and the subtle sweetness of the butter. If you’re at a loss for what to get, go for this. But I can’t imagine that some flavor on the menu won’t peak your interest. Now if I can just get my dad to try the Khulfi.

*Inside there are 3 tables and one stray bench. Usually those are full, and I head outside and take a left turn. There are a pair of city benches that are a good place to sit. If they are occupied, I recommend continuing down the sidewalk across Prospect St. There is a built-in concrete bench around the inner edge of the sidewalk before the first building. If none of these options work, the best of all might be wandering around Inman Square with a cone in hand.

Return Engagement: November 6, 2008

Christina’s Ice Cream

Cone – small $2.57 medium $3.37 large $3.99

Sundae – small $4.52 large $5.65

Frappe $4.08 extra thick $4.52

1255 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

Open year round

Sun-Thu 11:30a-11p Fri-Sat 11:30a-midnight

phone: (617) 492-7021




One response

4 07 2014

I’ve been getting ice cream at Christina’s for nearly 15 years, and I’m sorry to say that it is increasingly disappointing (the spice shop is great, though). The recipes haven’t changed much over time, which I suppose is good in some ways. But the ice cream (like your choice in this post) is generally too sweet and surprisingly under-flavored. So it comes off as neither rich and luxurious nor trendy and sharp. I long for a re-do. The present management seems lethargic and uninterested.

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